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Our Data & Technology Events
  1. Thursday September 14 2017
    Social Data Insights Part 3 - Use cases on Artificial Intelligence
    Dr Igor Gomes Menezes What can Machine Learning algorithms tell us about our behaviour? Dr Brent Mittelstadt AI Ethics Markus Frise Black Swan Data
  2. Thursday February 23 2017
    Social Data Insights Part 2 - Consumer/Public Behaviour
    Key 'must know' trends in social data technology Challenges and opportunities in social network API's and other data sources. How to selet the right tools to get the best results for your clients/company?
  3. Thursday December 15 2016
    Social Data Insights Part 1 - Consumer Sentiment
    What are the major trends and technologies that are deployed to gauge and quantify sentiment? What are the steps that major brands are taking in understanding how they are perceived by the public? What interventions can be made to infliuence this sentiment?
  4. Friday December 2, 2016
    Full day Socia Data Training...Extended learning
    Some of the topics covered include: Big data and social data introduction Data governance and ethics Hands-on practical workshops Data mashups Social data measurement and success factors
  5. Thursday September 29, 2016
    The results are in!
    An analysis of Brexit Back at Twitter HQ!
  6. Wednesday May 25, 2016
    Analyzing Images in Social Data
    With more than 2 Billion images shared daily - organizations are beginnining to legerage deep learning and machine learning to truly understand trends and uncover insights in social data.
  1. Monday December 7, 2015
    What Social Data is telling marketers this holiday season?
    Dr Natasa Millic-Frayling: Insights from Social Maps Javier Buron SocialBro Lucas Catalan Galan W2O Group Ben Kay IBM
  2. Tuesday September 29, 2017
    Understanding the Global Pulse using Social Data
    After the last sold out event at Google Campus we are back at Twitters London HQ. This time we are looking at how social data is used to detect global trends, views and insights. Speakers range from social graph entrepenuer to the head of analytics from a major UK newspaper group.
  3. Monday August 2, 2015
    Social Data - Beyond the Research Lab
    Dr Scott Hale Data Scientist at the Oxford Internet Institute Dr Taha Yasseri Research Fellow at Oxford Internet Institute Dr Farida Vis Faculaty Research Fellow in the Information School at The University of Sheffield
  4. Wednesday April 1, 2015
    Studies in Social Data @ Twitter
    Randy Almond Head of Data Marketing at Twitter Dr Sian Thomas Head oInformation Management at the Food Standards Agency Francesco Dorazio VP or Product at Pulsar, Co-founder Visual Social Media Lab