1. Strategic and Operational Advice
  2. Technology Risk Management
  3. Product and Roadmap Development
  4. Technology Procurement
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I don't have a CTO/CIO...

Why use a Virtual ​​

This is a service for companies that don't need or want a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO) but want to take advantage of the latest digital technology and require technology leadership and expertise.
We can tailor our vCTO / vCIO as a service to suit your requirements and budget.

How can we  help  CTOs? ​​


I am a CTO/CIO...

A service for busy CTOs.  We can help you investigate new technologies or products, build new product teams, prepare for technology audits and business investment.
How we help our clients grow?
  1. Strategy, Roadmap & Architecture
    Make the right technology choices.
  2. Technology Procurement
    Pick the best technology suppliers to suit your business culture.
  3. IT supplier Management
    Manage supliers to get the best results.
  4. Product Management
    Build new products or renew existing products.
  5. Project Management
    Introduce appropriate Agile (or hybrid) delivery, meeting and management structure.
  6. Data Services
    Improve data governance, ethics, insights and actions.
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